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When I farm what is the best choice for me in PE?

  1. Wheat

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  2. Potatoes

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  3. Carrots

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  1. dragonmantis

    dragonmantis New user

    I need help on deciding which to create the biggest plot to farm on for?
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  3. HeGreaterThanI

    HeGreaterThanI Regular user

    If you are going to make a large plot of produce I would advise you do a 9 by 9 plot with water right in the middle.
    I would go for potatoes if I were you only because you can cook them and they have better absorption and you cook them :)
    Hope it helps!
  4. dragonmantis

    dragonmantis New user

    Thanks for the potato suggestion. I knew about the 9 x 9 already but thanks. Do you have any questions?
  5. HeGreaterThanI

    HeGreaterThanI Regular user

    Yeah, how developed is your world and what difficulty do you play on?
  6. gladranger7

    gladranger7 Regular user

    I said potatoz for the same reasons above +they used in soup and pigs lov em! They're a allround winner
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