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  1. Pixels1

    Pixels1 New user

    Diamonds under spawn and near spawn under spawn mine down 1st iron then gold then diamonds and then coal to get the iron and gold!!!

    Here is XSTREAMAWESOME who will show you this amazing seed

    Pixels1 0ut PEACE!!!

    [​IMG] step1: go to this corner/spawn

    [​IMG] step2: mine down

    [​IMG]step3: repeat step2

    [​IMG] step4: repeat step2

    SEED:0.4.0 on Minecraft PE
  3. MorpJox

    MorpJox New user

    How do i know if this is real or not your on creative you could of just placed them there.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Regular user Forum Supporter

    Seeds won't generate user placed blocks.
  5. jason

    jason New user

    It is real I went on survival
  6. lowanhminh

    lowanhminh New user

    Does this work on 0.8.1?
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Regular user Forum Supporter

    World gen tends to be the same on every world. However if a version has different block that is worldgened, the location can vary slightly due to block pushing.
  8. Rainbow

    Rainbow New user

    Does this seed still work in the current PE version?
  9. MC Support

    MC Support New user

    To be honest, I don't believe this is real. He was on creative when he showed the screen shots. I think he just placed them there. People also stated that it was true because they went on "Survival". He could have just told you to say that, I know that sounds a little over the top, but I think it's fake.
  10. Wyte

    Wyte New user

    0.4.0 is very real....i have a survival mode and a creative mode version of this....its not fake.....ive done very well on this seed actually...i have no screen shots...but try it for yourself if you dont believe it...why hate on it? :);)
  11. Sir_Creeper_345

    Sir_Creeper_345 Regular user

    I will try this seed soonish to see.
    I cant do screenshots thanks to my kindle having no camera,
    but I will tell the truth about it.
  12. GC DAWGS

    GC DAWGS New user

    poop nuggets

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