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Hello! I am pastul, an Administrator and The Build Team leader at The UnoVerse. We are currently requesting builders for the project. Please read more to find out about who we are and the ideal requirements. Please add me on Discord if you belive you obtain all the requirements needed: pastul#8229

★ Who are we?

The UnoVerseMC is a group of dedicated individuals looking for a group of people to help them succeed. Specifically, we arelooking to create a new game mode. This game mode includes planets, ships, colonies, raiding, and progression/upgrade. We are currently thinking that eachperson will get a starting ship that they will use to begin theircolony. As they visit planetsto gather resources and other necessary materials, they will be able to purchase items to help them raid and over take another ship or upgrade their own.Upgraded ships allow for more shipmates, more resources, and better items. People willeventually be able to claim large areas of planets as their own and build their colony witheachmember of their team. I leftsome details out as we are stillworking on this, but this is thegeneral idea.

- Have a good amount of experience
- Have proof / screenshots / a portfolio of some of YOUR builds
- Have a reputable background
- Have a good knowledge of Minecraft, Building, Leadership, and Teamwork
- Be at least 14 years old
- Have methods tocommunicate (Discord,Teamspeak)
- Be dedicated, honest, andhard working

If you belive you meet the requirements please add me on Discord as well as if youhave any questions please add me and I will explainfurther.


Administrator @ TheUnoVerse