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    Hey, so this is my first submission to this forum and I've been messing around with different snapshots. In doing so I was backing up all my saves manually, and then I got tired of that so I developed this tool. It's very simple, you can either restore or create a new backup of a world. Also, the names that appear for your worlds are the ones that you originally made the worlds as in Minecraft client. (So if you renamed them in Minecraft they will only show the original name)

    The program basically just makes a Backups folder in your .minecraft directory and a Backups-Ext folder there too. Every time you make a change in the program, a copy of the selected world is backed up into the Backups-Ext folder and timestamped in the form: "[year]-[month]-[day] [hours][minutes][seconds]" This is just in case you need to use an older save that you no longer have and otherwise can be ignored. The Backups folder is where the current save is stored.

    If you delete your .minecraft directory your words will be lost. Don't do that unless you manually put all your saves somewhere else on your hard disk.

    Thanks for checking out my program, comment for any suggestions or bug reports!

    Download & Install:

    Download link here.

    Download the jar file, place it somewhere you want like your desktop and just double click to run

    No install wizard necessary.

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