18+ ( Headsets Required ) Looking for Mature people to Play on my Survival World.

Discussion in 'MCPS3: Multiplayer' started by Headset gamer 95, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Headset gamer 95

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    Hello I'm 22 English and looking for mature people with headsets to join my survival world I haven't had the world for long and I'm getting bored playing on my own just wanna chill and relax have some fun and play the game while having a conversation here and there. I'm not always a big talker so don't mind me if I go silent 420 ha ha.


    1. No griefing

    2. Killing is only a loud when both parties agree.

    3. You must be at least 150 blocks away from other builds unless you have permission from the owner of the build just because I like to expand my builds like most people do.

    If you are interested in joining please leave your PSN ID in the comments below as well as your age and if you want a bit about yourself.

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