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As of January 1, 2018 I will officially start running the Targetted server! This server is unique as it is a close knit, very competitive faction server. This server is whitelisted and you must be 16+ to apply. All sorts of positions are open, and since the opening is a month away, the sooner you join the more you can help mold the server. I still have a lot to figure out, and you can vote to make it your own. Working on a website, but for now reply with application.


Swearing is allowed, however don’t be a dick. This is a game, people come here to relax, you don’t know what their going through, so just be nice.

Build 1000+ blocks from spawn. It’s not hard, there’s a literally a command.

For the moment there are 4 factions (and an admin, but their separate for obvious reasons), you must join one of these. Might as well take this time to form some friendships, the closer and larger your faction is, the stronger it is.
-I’d allow you to create your own faction, but I’ve never seen this done so I wanna try it out.

No whining, idiocy, begging, this is a mature server. Act it.

Half your base (all your beds) have to be above ground. Obsidian isn’t allowed on anything but your armory. We play hardcore.

At the end of the day this is just a game. Calm down.

How it Works

Still sorting out a lot of kinks with rank, however your faction runs by a point system. The longer you faction stays at the top of money, kills, or playing time the more points you get. Each month each faction with submit one player in what ever gear they want, the winner of this blood bath earns 500 point of their faction. Top voter of the month wins 100 points for their faction, and the player with the longest playing time for the moth also earns 100 points. This is war, you make allies, you make enemies, you make history. Top faction at the end of everything... well I’m not entirely sure what they get yet. It’s worth at least a try, right?


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