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    SkyrimMC is a new Minecraft Mod for 1.7.2, which adds in a majority of the features in the actual game, into Minecraft. This mod is a work in progress, and will be worked on overtime. You can expect a tons of weapons and armor, as well as many more items, such as gems, ingots, ores, and blocks, eventually leading up to magic, shouts, and even quests.

    SkyrimMC is divided up into three stages of release: Alpha, Beta, and Release. As of now, the current release is Alpha_2.2.0. In the Alpha stage, you can expect a majority of the items, weapons, and armors to be added. Beta will be focused around magic, shouts, quests, and other features. Release will hopefully be a working mod to go along with an adventure map. However, these releases are far away, and may change at any point.

    SkyrimMC will be updated at least once a week if everything goes planned. If everything goes above and beyond, we may be able to push multiple updates in a week. The next "big" update is Ingredients! Ingredients will be eatable, giving you short potion effects.


    SkyrimMC currently adds the following features into the game:
    -- 67 Weapons (All Iron, Steel, Orcish, Nord Hero, Skyforge Steel, Dwarven, Elven, Glass, Ebony, and Daedric)
    -- 9 Ores (Corundum, Ebony, Iron, Gold, Orichalcum, Quicksilver, Malachite, Moonstone, and Silver)
    -- 10 Ingots to correspond with ores (+ Steel Ingot)
    -- Daedra Hearts
    -- 4 types of Dwemer Scrap Metal (found in dungeons)
    -- Light Armor (elven and glass textures only work -- bug fix will come soon)

    Screenshots / Videos


    *I have more screenshots which will be uploaded later.

    Planned Features

    You can find the in-depth planned feature list here.

    Request features you would like to see in the mod!

    Bugs & Incompatibilities

    Here is a list of all the bugs and incompatibilities. You can find it here.


    Latest Version (Requires Minecraft 1.7.2 and Forge): SkyrimMC-1.7.2-Alpha_2.3.4

    Download Minecraft Forge for 1.7.10, and run Minecraft with forge once. Drop the SkyrimMC.jar file in your mods folder. If you need help, there are plenty of tutorials out there.


    May I use this mod in my modpack?
    Yes, as long as you give credit to me, and add a link to this forum post.

    Is there a source code for this mod?
    Yes, a link to the source code on GitHub can be found here.


    Mojang -- For creating Minecraft
    Forge -- For allowing modders to create mods with ease
    Bethesda/Zenimax -- For creating Skyrim
    Wuppy29/sheenrox82 -- For reference code
    DesHex -- For being the best texturer ever!
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    Hey, do you have some screenshots ? :)
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    I do!

    I will post them as well as a mod spotlight whenever I get the chance.

    I knew I was forgetting something :)
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    @WiZe -- I can't seem to edit the post nor my comments? Is it a bug or is it supposed to be like that?
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    Well right now it is because new users can't edit. I think it is 10 post and you get updated but I'm not 100% sure
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    Ok, I'll wait it out till it changes. I have more than 10 posts but I guess it takes a while to change :p
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    Screenshots / Videos have been added.

    Plus, the mod has been updated to Alpha_2.3.4!
  9. HOLY CRAP!!! That looks awesome! I haven't downloaded it yet, but I'm going to later...

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